The team is currently creating these maps and field checking the locations.  percentages. 

Streams feeding into Little Conewago Creek

Streams feeding into Codorus Creek

Understanding Stream Order Classification



Find your watershed!  Type in your address to learn your watershed!

Land Use

The team is currently creating these maps and calculating the percentages.   

Thus,  with about x% of the Township mapped as of January 18, 2022, the maps are as follows.  Updates will continually occur at least until 100% is reached.  Therefore, please check the date on the map when using these numbers as the data is subject to change - perhaps dramatically so!

Forested Land 





Farm Fields




Park Maps

Did you know that the Township has eight parks?  The "conservation resources" vary widely but they are open space nonetheless. 


Cousler Park - 110.4 acres (map and info)

Greg A. Crist Memorial Park 23.08 acres (map and info)

Stillmeadow Park - 17.60 acres (map and info)

Eagles View Park - 10.92 acres (map and info)

Ridings Recreation Area - 5 acres (map and info)

Emigsville Park - 5.20 acres (map and info)

Johnston Park - 4 acres (map and info)

Nittany Park - 1.7 acres (map and info)

Mountain View Park - 1.3 acres (map and info)



Non Park Open Space

HOA outlots

Conservation Easements






Storm Water Infrastructure

Many of our waterways now begin with storm drains and storm water ponds.

Though mapped, the team is currently field checking all locations.  x% have been varified so far.  



Storm Drains throughout the Township