Project Ideas

Storm Water Ponds

Planting of Trees

Removal of Invasive Plant Species

Creation of Pollinator Meadows



Projected Potential Project Partners:

Manchester Township 

Central York School District

HOA Open Space

Individual Landowners


GIS layers

At the moment the Society's time is heavily spent in creating, editing, and ground truthing data which is then inputted into Arcmap.  Hopefully, this will allow interested parties and decision makers to have the information they need in order to plan appropriately, and to make informed decisions about our natural areas.

Streams            Land Use

Storm Water Ponds            Storm Drains

Storm Lines


Stream Layer.

The base layer was pulled from York County's GIS portal.  The layer needs a lot of cleaning up!  For example many of the layer's stream lines are not in correct channels. We are correcting this.  Also, many small order streams do not even appear on the layer at all!  We are correcting this.  There are also many duplicate sections of streams (especially where they are culverted under roads).  We are correcting this.   

New Layer - Land Use

The team is currently digitizing the existing various land uses throughout the township.  Begun in November of 2019, the layer is about 30% complete. The purpose of this layer is to be able to calculate data like total impervious surfaces (roads, sidewalks, and buildings) or the amount of forest and farm fields in the township.  Right now there is no comprehensive way to do this.  We are correcting this.   Eventually this work will be expanded to include the portions of surrounding governmental entities that drain into streams of the township (i.e. Springettsbury, East Manchester, Conewago,  Dover, and West Manchester Townships, The City of York, and North York Boro).

New Layer - Storm Water Ponds

No townshipwide or countywide storm water pond layer exists in any sense.  We are correcting this.  A layer is being developed to show not only location but size and quality of the habitat found.  

New Layer - Storm Drains


New Layer - Storm Line Systems


Trees Planted


Hours of Invasive Plants Removed


Pollinator Habitats Created

Manchester Township

Improve existing natural areas

Ridings Recreation Area (Where is this?)



Invasive Species Removal

Multiple slopes, equipment to rent

One and a half hours of work spent by volunteers removing invasives throughout the Township!


Trees Planted - 0
Hours of Invasive Removal - 1

More information available with our staff

Don't hesitate to reach out to our staff if you need any information.