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Ride the Rails


Railroads. Who out there would like to see passenger rail in York County?  Rail is the most efficient means to move both people and goods.  How awesome would it be to board a train in Emigsville or York and and ride to Hanover and Harrisburg or even to Baltimore and Philadelphia?  Instead of widening Interstate 83 lets get people and goods off the roads instead!

We should be focusing warehouse construction and big box store development near rail lines in order to decrease dependence on trucking.  

The rails are still in place through upgrades would of course have to be made.

Let's Leaf them up!


Roads. Our Largest use of public space in the Township!  Let's leaf them up!  This will cool asphalt temps (thus possibly reducing some of the heat island effect), will cool water temps when it rains, (which will protect our streams), and increase CO2 absorption (in the form of wood and biomass creation).

Meadows In Waiting


Electric Lines and Gas Pipelines.   Understandably tree cover in these areas is limited.  However, that does not mean that mowed turfgrass is the only or best option.  Meadows would be a great alternative as they woud increase habitat and they could still be mowed occasionally  to limit woddy species growth.  Open mowed areas.  They should be converted to meadows and not treated as turf grass .

Engage with Nature


It would be great travel between the two creeks via a cross township trail!  Right now there are only pedestrian trails at several of the larger parks.   This leaves to safe and realistic way of recreating long distances.  

Natural surface trails should also be established at several of the smaller Township Parks in order to increase the ability of the community to engage with nature.